Free studies in America? Yes it's possible!

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A great deal of students opts to continue their studies abroad after finishing high school in our country. Sometimes, students are even eager to go get their high school education abroad just after finishing middle school. This is especially the case with children who have already tried out in sports and dream of being professional athletes in the future. 

Why do young athletes choose to study in the USA?

The reason children want to continue their education in the USA and become professional athletes usually lies in the fact that the American educational system cares deeply about the culture of sports. Even though it mostly isn't the first choice of our students hoping to study medicine or human sciences, to those wishing to get a higher education while still playing sports, America is the top choice.

Above all, America offers immaculate conditions to young athletes. You get a chance to be noticed, recognised and most importantly, awarded adequately for your work and effort, with a scholarship.

However, as you probably know, studying in a country as a foreigner is much more expensive. At our universities, foreigners pay tuition almost double the price students born here pay for it. Furthermore, the universities abroad in question are often private universities which are much better than public ones, but they are also incredibly expensive. The prices are not considered high only by our standards, but also by the standards of Western countries.

America offers immaculate conditions to young athletes. You get a chance to be noticed, recognised and most importantly, awarded adequately for your work and effort, with a scholarship.

Most students from the West, especially the USA, take student loans which can take years to pay off after finishing your studies. Such high education prices are not brought into question in the USA (at least not formally), as education there is considered an investment and not a formality everyone can and should go through. Like everything in the USA, the education there is of a highly capitalistic nature-it is something that will bring you money in the future, you also need to pay a lot of money for it, which kind of makes sense.

How can someone with a small income afford to pay for their child's studies in the USA?

The majority of parents in countries such as America have to set aside tens of thousands of dollars to get their children an education at certain universities. In that case, the parents, or the students themselves, will often take up a loan with possible state subsidies or scholarships.

  • What probably interests you most right now is how do people from our country and the surrounding countries manage to afford to send their children to study at the most prestigious American universities?

You have probably already guessed that the parents from our and neighbouring countries sending their children to study abroad actually have money to do so. That is mostly correct, but it is not impossible to have a scholarship cover the tuition which can greatly facilitate a student's studies abroad.   

Sports scholarships in America

There are sports scholarships for foreigners offered by American colleges that you can apply for from European countries. These scholarships are given to gifted students who can show evidence of their sporting achievements and who take special exams. Having excellent exam results and previous athletic success is what future students can count on when applying for a great scholarship.

We are using the word “great” primarily in the financial sense. The amount of money in the form of compensation for education expenses can sometimes even cover the full cost of a student's tuition. Notably great scholarships are given to athletes and students who want to continue their education in the most unique areas of study.

Some scholarships offer such high amounts of money that you can feel like you got an education in the USA for free! It sounds unbelievable after our story about expenses, but it is possible!

The monetary amount of some of these scholarships covers not only the cost of tuition but the cost of living, such as food and accommodation for foreign students studying in the USA.

However, even if the scholarship covers only your tuition or just a part of it, it is still an amazing opportunity for future athletes.

America is a country full of opportunities and even if your cost of living isn't covered by the scholarship, you can do student jobs such as working on campus, coaching children etc.

  • Unlike most countries we know of, America offers plenty of jobs that are literally reserved for students such as working on campus, coaching children etc.

Therefore, these jobs do not require working full-time, but only a couple of hours leaving time for studying and other student obligations. Most students in the USA do these kinds of jobs to pay for the cost of living and studying there. Certainly, there is always a chance you can get a full-ride scholarship, but you have to get well-informed and be really persistent.

Head Coach agency offers you exactly what you need at this moment. That primarily being advisory services and vital information regarding the application process, as well as basic information about different types of scholarships. Our team offers support not only throughout the process of getting a scholarship but during the whole studies admission application, getting a visa, taking the necessary exams etc.

If you have a desire and will for academic and athletic development, this type of subsidy or scholarship is a fantastic way to solve a big problem, the lack of money, at the very beginning of your journey.

Live out your dreams, become what you've always wanted and if you need help, feel free to contact us.

Ako želiš da studiraš i baviš se sportom na najvišem nivou - nema boljeg mesta od Amerike, a mi ćemo ti pomoći da to i ostvariš!