What's the easiest way of getting a sports scholarship in the US?

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Giving out scholarships to students is a known practice, that has existed for centuries in the fields of scientific, artistic or athletic development of young people. From the foundation of the first colleges and educational centres and up to today the best in a certain spheres of work or activity have been selected, chosen and awarded.


A number of individuals are carefully selected by professors and institutions to continue or prolong their education and professional development. The same practice has been retained until the present day and is being applied especially in sports, with the only difference being that now professionals are tasked with scouting for talents, but some agencies enable you to apply for bigger, foreign scholarships more easily.

Why the USA of all places?

As you can guess, the scholarship system for young athletes exists in most educational centres around the world. The USA is especially known for giving out these kinds of scholarships to students and talented individuals. You are probably asking yourself why that is the case? If you’ve ever watched an American movie, you have probably noticed how important physical education is at all levels of education in America. Therefore America, whatever our opinion of it may be, probably nurtures the culture of sports more than all other countries in the world.

Every school has teams that compete in the college league (https://www.ncaa.com/ and https://www.naia.org/), and not just in one but in a number of both male and female sports. In many cases, it's exactly these college leagues that young talents are recruited from for the great sports teams of the world.

Scholarships for international students

When it comes to academic scholarships, they are given out by institutions or professors based on academic success and wider evaluations of the candidate. In America however, it is not important where a person comes from, or their financial state, rather the selection is made solely by looking at the candidate's achievements in the field in which the scholarships are being given out.

Athletic scholarships can cover the whole expense of schooling, and provide you with the opportunity to study for free in America.

Postoje posebne vrste stipendija koje se dodeljuju stranim studentima putem različitih institucija. Mogućnost za konkurisanje za ovakve stipendije nije stalna, često nisu dostupne svima i često imaju određene stroge uslove koje morate ispoštovati.

However, what is a lot more attainable for international students playing sports from all over the world, is receiving a sports scholarship from a college in America.

  • These scholarships can cover the whole expense of schooling, and provide you with the opportunity of studying for free in America. But it can be very difficult to obtain, or even apply for this type of scholarship by yourself if you are not well informed or well connected.

The best and surely easiest way to apply for an athletic scholarship in the USA is through agencies that provide you with information and offer advice throughout the application process. Our agency Head Coach offers exactly what you need- the possibility to obtain a desired scholarship the easiest way.

The application process does not require much time, but we advise you to seek help with applying much earlier than you would think is necessary. In many situations, time is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing what can be your life-long calling in professional sport, and it is of utmost importance to give yourself enough time to think through your decision and prepare. That's why you should feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in sports being a part of your life path.

As well as when making final decisions, it is also important to give yourself enough time when searching for the best possible institutions for your future education. Besides time, another deciding factor is your current level of education because it significantly affects the selection of scholarships and educational centres available to you.

Searching for scholarships on your own is certainly not an easy task. There are many things that can take up a lot of your time and nerves. And that is why it's best, as we said before, to contact someone who can provide you with experience and information- someone like us.

Ako želiš da studiraš i baviš se sportom na najvišem nivou - nema boljeg mesta od Amerike, a mi ćemo ti pomoći da to i ostvariš!