Above is Maksim's 2023/24 season Highlights video.

About Athlete

My name is Maksim Vukajlović and I’m a power forward from Serbia. My biggest strengths are passing, post-game and stretching the floor, I can also play both the power forward and center position. In Serbia, I compete in Junior and Senior competitions, which helped me to build strength, hardness, and continuity in the game at a high level.

Over the years I developed a mentality that the win is the most important thing in basketball not your individual performance.  This type of mentality helped me realize some things even outside of basketball and guide me through some difficult times in my life.

After completing my education in Serbia I aim to take the next step in both areas to the USA and I definitely think that is the right place to go for.




Kvalitetna juniorska liga Beograda | Quality junior league of Belgrade (https://www.ksb.rs/takmicenje1005/)

- The quality junior league of Belgrade is an official league organized by the Basketball Federation of Serbia in which the best Belgrade teams such as KK Partizan compete.

MRL CENTER 2 SENIOR LEAGUE https://lige.kss.rs/seniori/1-mrl-centar-grupa-b/

- MRL CENTER 2 is the men's regional basketball league in Serbia. It is the 4th tier of the basketball league system in Serbia. 

Details and small things matter. I talk to my teammates on and off the court. Communication is the key to a successful team. Highlights don't show those small things, like talking to a teammate, giving high fives, finding solutions together. I tell everyone directly what I think and  what can he or the team improve on. Of course I am not always right, that's why I'm also trying to be a good listener. I think that this is just one of the side effect of me becoming the team captain at the very early age.

I grew up and received my education in Serbian/European culture. Values like precision, organization, politeness, hard work and dedication matter a lot to me.

I played the European style of basketball my whole life which include a lot of structured offense and disciplined team defense.

The decision to go to college is in my opinion the turning point of my life , I intend to leave my comfort zone (leaving behind my family, friends and team-environment) and tackle new challenges on my way to become a professional basketball player.


I want to compete in college, because I always wanted to combine sports with education. It was always my dream to play in the homeland of basketball and at the same time be able to focus on my education.


My ultimate goal in college basketball is to contribute to my team's success, and position myself for future opportunities in the sport, and do well academically.

Also I would love to meet new people and cultures and expand the circle of my friends.