Milica Mijatović, ACF Fiorentina & Serbia national football team

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We had the opportunity to talk to Milica Mijatović, who is currently playing professional football in the highest rank of the competition in Sweden.

In the 2019/20 season, she made a huge success when she was a part of the Melbourne City team and became the champion of the Australian Championship. They managed to stay undefeated all season, and Milica played a key factor in the team with 7 goals scored.

In women's football of Serbia, she is known for her performances in the Red Star jersey as well as numerous appearances for the Serbian national team.

Milica believes that education along with sports is very important, and in addition to her international football career, she managed to receive diplomas from two universities.

Below, read her advice to young athletes when it comes to education and opinion on the possibility of going to America through a sports scholarship.

1. How much do you think that playing sports can contribute to the development of a young person and what benefits does it bring?

Playing sports in the first place pleases the mind and body of a person and has a positive effect on health, as we already know. When it comes to professional sports, there are many benefits. First of all, it shapes the personality of a young person and teaches him/her many skills such as discipline, perseverance, improvement. A winning mentality and mental strength are developed. I think that we, athletes, are very different from ordinary people, so even after a sports career, we can be a great profile for any organization-sports, corporate, diplomatic.

2. How important do you think schooling is? Our agency enables young athletes to play sports and get an education in America. What do you think about such a possibility?

Since athletes have a short sports career, they should find time for education and training to be prepared for a career after sports. The sports scholarship in America at elite colleges offered by the Head Coach agency is a great opportunity for our young athletes. The possibility of professional sports and the scholarship provided for elite education is great. Many football players I know have graduated from college in America, and everyone is very happy that they chose that path.

3. Would you recommend to young people that, if the conditions allow it, in addition to playing sports also get educated to the highest level?

Absolutely. Everyone who has the opportunity should get educated, and I think that such opportunities are very accessible to us today. Despite my international career, I graduated from 2 universities in Belgrade (Master of Economics), and I plan to enroll in doctoral studies.

4. Did they have an understanding of sports activities during school and do you agree with us that it is very important?

I agree high-level sports require a lot of time and effort. However, professors often have understandings and I think that is perfectly fine. Regardless of everything, the athlete must dedicate himself to learning and obligations at the faculty.

The sports scholarship in America at elite colleges offered by the Head Coach agency is a great opportunity for our young athletes.

Milica Mijatović, football player

5. Finally, what would you say to young athletes who are now developing their careers? What is the key to success?

In order to be successful, a person must be persistent, never give up, work hard, and believe in themselves and their abilities. To be patient and grateful for everything he has achieved, to celebrate small victories. Finally, the support of family and friends is also very important.

Ako želiš da studiraš i baviš se sportom na najvišem nivou - nema boljeg mesta od Amerike, a mi ćemo ti pomoći da to i ostvariš!