High schools

High school in America lasts for 4 years.

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About high schools

High school in America lasts for 4 years. A small percentage of high schools in America require their students to wear uniforms. However, there are numerous differences between the American and European education. Every high school has a certain norm that high school students must meet to graduate. That norm is prescribed in the form of points (credits) that students must satisfy.

USA Grading System

Grades are marked with letters (A, B, C, D, and F). Grade A is the best possible. F (failed) is the worst possible grade. Tests in high schools are mostly done in writing form. The best possible average or as they call it GPA is 4.00, and that means that the student has a grade of A in each class. Presentations, projects, and group work are also common.

Subjects in U.S. High Schools

In addition to mandatory subjects, high school students in America have a large selection of classes they can choose to attend. Some of the mandatory subjects in most schools are: Mathematics, English, Natural science, History, Foreign language, PE, Computer Science. One very useful thing is that in most high schools, a tutoring center is available to students. This means that if a student has a problem with a subject, he/she can receive free help in the form of private lessons.

Class size

  1. 1. High schools in the USA generally have smaller classes to give each student more attention. The typical class size in US public schools is 16-23 students.

Accomodation for students

International students who choose to attend high school in America generally have two options when it comes to accommodation.

  • Boarding school

    The first option is a boarding school, which means that students are accommodated within the school campus.

  • Hosting school

    Another option is a hosting school, which means that students are accommodated within an American family.

Benefits on enroling in high schools


Going to America for high school education is a good option because it contributes to adapting to the American schooling and sports system and makes it easier to master the language. It is much easier for students to get used to the new environment and to have time to get to know the culture as well as the education system if they plan to continue their education in America after high school.


Also, going to this program helps high school students to more easily secure a sports scholarship to continue their education. This way, students have the opportunity to be seen by coaches from the universities who regularly follow high school competitions to offer them a sports scholarship for the university.


Coaches in American schools prefer to give a chance to athletes who will spend more years on their program, and accordingly, going to the first year of high school proved to be the best option.

Class names in American secondary school

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    • Freshman year (first grade) • Sophomore year (second grade) • Junior year (third grade) • Senior year (fourth grade)

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