Preparatory Academies

Prep academies or Preparatory Academies lasts for 1 year.

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What is Prep Academy?

The preparatory academy is a program that is available only in certain American schools. Their goal is to provide students with an education that directs them to the best universities. This academy is attended after graduating from high school. Prep academies are known for their excellent conditions for sports and learning.. Most prep academies are in the form of a boarding school. This means that students live within the campus. This is the goal of prep academies because in this way students constantly have access to sports fields, gyms, learning libraries, and other facilities necessary for their improvement.

Who is it for?

The Preparatory Academy is intended for all athletes who, for some reason, did not enroll in university immediately after graduating from high school. In some cases, the athletes manage to enroll in the university but decide to attend the prep academy to have time to improve in order to get into the best possible university.

Classes at Prep Academies

In addition to the required courses that each student must pass, there is a large selection of elective courses from which students can choose. Some prep academies have the option of preparing students for a specific university, which means that students will attend classes that will get them ready for a specific college and concentration.

Evaluation and preparations for College

  1. 1. Classes at prep academies have a small number of students in order to pay maximum attention to each student. Grades are marked with letters (A, B, C, D, and F). Grade A is the best possible. F (failed) is the worst possible grade.

  2. 2. In some cases, this academy serves to correct high school grades as well as to prepare students for the necessary university tests (SAT, Toefl).

Benefits of going to Prep Academy

The main goal of this academy is for students to receive special attention as well as sports and academic preparation that will enable them to go to the best possible university.

  • Compete at a high level

    By being a part of this program, athletes have the opportunity to compete at a high level and prepare for a university sport that is significantly more demanding than high school. In this way, athletes have the opportunity to progress and be seen by coaches from universities who accompany athletes at prep academies. 


  • Preparing for college

    The main goal of this academy is to give all athletes the opportunity to enroll in a college or university of their choice. These academies are known for their excellent organization and for providing quality training, regular competition, and preparation for the necessary tests for the university.

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