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As part of our programs, universities in the U.S., offer athletes high-quality education and state-of-the-art sports conditions. Their duration is four years, and some of the world's most famous universities with which Head Coach collaborates are Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Duke University and many others.

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About the program

Universities offer a wide variety of majors to choose from for your studies (economics, psychology, architecture, engineering, medicine, art, biology, etc.). There is also an "undecided" option in the first year of study. This means that it is not necessary to choose a major immediately in the first year, but that it is possible to attend courses that are mandatory for all students and only after the first year, choose the final major. Within the university is a campus that contains dormitories for students, classrooms, cafeterias, sports gyms and fields for all sports, reading rooms and libraries and much more.

Norms and assessment

At each university, there is a certain number of points (credits) that you must collect in order to obtain a degree. Each passed subject carries a certain number of credits, depending on how much it is required to pass. Grades are marked with letters (A, B, C, D and F), from the best grade A, which is equal to our grade of 10, to the worst grade F (failed), which is insufficient for us. ​

More about sports scholarships at universities

Universities, whether private or state, offer their students sports scholarships and enable them to obtain a prestigious diploma that is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. In addition to the diploma, athletes increasingly decide to go to study in America for sports improvement and the chance for a professional sports career after completing their studies.

In order for students to maintain their scholarship for 4 years, it is necessary:

  1. 1. Maintain the minimum average prescribed by the university

  2. 2. Actively engage in sports and represent the university in sports competitions

Requirements for admission to the University

One of the requirements for candidates who want to enroll in the university is a high school diploma-4. level of education. Another condition is passing the following tests:


    This test is taken by all non-native English students. Using this test, active knowledge of the English language is evaluated. The TOEFL test is a requirement for university admission for all international students. Also, the entire test is taken on a computer.

    The test consists of 4 parts





    The maximum number of points is 120, and each of the 4 parts carries 30 points. Most universities require a minimum of 61 points. The exam lasts about 4 hours, with one short break halfway through the test. There are several appointments available per month for taking the TOEFL and it is available in several locations in Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Subotica, Niš.

  • SAT

    The SAT is the most widely used admissions test at US universities. All students (domestic and foreign) must take this exam. The test consists of 3 parts
    – Critical Reading
    – Math
    – Writing

    The maximum number of points on the SAT test is 2400, and each of the three parts carries 800 points. Most questions have 4 possible answers except for the essay and some of the math problems. The test lasts about 3 hours. It is recommended to start preparing for this test at least 3 months in advance. On the territory of Serbia, this test is available only in Belgrade. There are 6 dates per year and the number of places is limited. If you are not satisfied with the test results, you can register in the next term and repeat the test. For this reason, we recommend that you reserve your test spot in advance.

Sports association

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    The NCAA is the main association for collegiate sports in the USA. 1098 universities and colleges are part of the NCAA association. As the oldest and largest organization, the NCAA has distributed billions of dollars to its member institutions and promoted college sports for more than a century. The NCAA consists of 3 divisions and includes 26 sports: Division I, Division II and Division III Divisions I and II offer athletic scholarships. Student-athletes must meet several academic requirements to maintain their athletic scholarship. Division I and Division II athletes must maintain (full-time student) status and have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.

  • naia_logo-e1609229239664-2

    The NAIA is a smaller association than the NCAA. It has fewer members and a smaller scholarship budget, but it is the leading association right after the NCAA. The NAIA contains over 250 universities and colleges and covers 13 sports. The annual budget for sports scholarships is about $600 million. The NAIA also consists of 3 divisions: Division I, Division II and Division III Division I and II offer athletic scholarships. Application process for university program

How to get scholarship?

Our team will make sure that every step is completely clear to you, will support you throughout the process and help you achieve the best possible results during the college scholarship application process.

If you want to study and do sports at the highest level - there is no better place then America, and we are going to help you to accomplish that!

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