My name is Simon Tekeste and I am a Forward from Sweden. I am aware that there is a very small percentage of make in it to play College basketball,but that is what I want to accomplish, to become one of them. My goal is to play D1 college basketball. My biggest strength is to get the ball in the basket either way my coach, teammates or I want. My 3point shooting is the best for me right now because with the length I have my defenders do not have the same advantage like me so if they step ut to high i will drive and if they back of to much I’ll shoot it. My touch is also quite outstanding, I can post the ball with a smaller defender in me or bigger. My blocks is also good, it might be a hype block but I time the blocks good.

I would like to study Business . I have always loved to study business to tho the way you thought out the process and it’s a fun topic.  Put that piece together with college basketball. That's the dream that came true.

The last few years I have become more social with my team players  in a way that feels like family. Off the court we have fun and on the court we do have fun with hard work. It doesn't really matter if I have 1 point or 30 points as long as we win. This mentality has shown me different things that throw out my career and life in general. That kind of mindset has both helped me and the team to win the big games this season.



  • 2016-2020 AIK

15 national team games (U16)


I want to compete in the USA, because I always want to combine sports with education. It was always my dream to play in the top percentage of players and at the same time learn more about construction.

I want to play high school and college basketball because it will get me to the pro level, with the help of college basketball I’ll learn how to treat my body and make it in such a good shape that I’ll be ready for the next move after college. I have dreamed of ever since I was a kid to combine both basketball with education.

My goal with college is to succes with basketball and contribute for the team to win. In the same time be successful with the academic


Me as a person likes when I get feedback. I love asking coaches and teammates about my game at the moment and how I could become better. With that mindset I get details which help me get better and a stronger connection with my teammates. I love to help my teammates if they fall or give them a high five either if they are playing good or they have a bad game. It helps with the team chemistry and without team chemistry it’s pretty much impossible to win. Sometimes I just give them a high five for them to get hype.

I am a team player which many people have told me. If the team need me to score, I can score, if they need me to pass, I can pass, and in the last couple of years I play every game like it’s the last game. I like to play both defense and offense but defense especially because “defense makes the offense”.


My goal with college is to succes with basketball and contribute for the team to win. In the same time be successful with the academic